Dance of the Red Dakini

Vajravarahi – Dance of the Red Dakini

“Vajravarahi, sister to Kali” Pointillist Painting by Sherab “Shey” Khandro Acrylic on Board

Vajravarahi: Dance of the Red Dakini

Compassion in its Wisdom display has many faces. The mystical qualities of the divine feminine are multi-faceted and layered with meaning. The wrathful aspect, Vajravarahi, reflects a fierce, fiery, passionate display of profound love. She will stop at nothing to free us from the bonds of our suffering. She is compassion in action; it’s very movement through the shadows of our mind.

She is part of a sisterhood of fiery red goddesses found in both Hindu and Buddhist traditions. Surrounded by flames, their intense presence is most often misunderstood. With the wisdom of the awakened, she appears in ecstatic dance. Boundless energy generated for the sake of all beings. Fangs bared, drigu (curved knife) held high, she will nash, she will slash whatever binds you to your suffering. She will burn it, rip it, tear it, like a mother protecting her children, she dances tirelessly for the sake of us all. She is dakini.

Instructed in my first consultation with my Guru to study the nature of the dakini. 25 years later, my understanding continues to find depth. I observe and contemplate as I live into a deeper understanding of her power and her purpose, the dakini, the skydancer, the female wisdom display, Buddha’s activity in the world. Peaceful or wrathful, she is also known as Khandro. What is my own role as warrior in these changing times? What is yours?

This original painting is available, likely bound for a particular collector. She is a big energy, she will need room to breathe.

“The Emissary” on SedonaNOW TV with Goldenstein Gallery

Whispers on the Wind … May We Know Peace

“The Emissary”


Planting seeds of a larger vision, the Emissary stands tall, a messenger of peace and possibility. Along the length of the spiraling ribbon are inscribed the words  “May We Know Peace.”  As this sculpture turns, the ribbon appears to spiral upwards, the dragonfly taking flight, carrying forth aspirations for Peace.  Peace in our hearts, Peace in the world.

The small acts undertaken in each moment are the steps that lead to worlds of change.

Designed to be interactive, this sculpture turns on people power. With this act we turn our minds, lifting our sites, opening our hearts. Our aspirations representing our collective vision for Peace, now and for future generations … May we know peace.

“I know there are those that feel that World Peace is just a dream. From where I sit, I know it is possible. This is an invitation to believe together. “    -Sherab Khandro


“What do they mean?” He asks about my dots …

I will wax eloquent about them you know, I love my dots … present, simple. An act of creation, distinct, defined in a moment. Added together, one dot after another, an image emerges. Colors dance, excited in harmony, at play in the eye. Together, their energies inspired. Alone each is imbued with intention or prayer. Prayer without Godhead, a quiet offering from the heart of this ordinary woman moved to embrace the wish of all beings to be happy. May it be so.

This dot, each dot, offered as a jeweled universe: rubies, emeralds, sapphires, diamonds, countless in number as far as the eye can see or the mind comprehend. Sparkling with light and beauty, imbued with intention that all suffering may end and all beings may know peace.
Is there such power in a single act? A moment in time, heart soft, open … mind engaged, action taken … energy released and released and released, counter balance to doubt and fear. Dot as seed: brush in hand, paint, mind, moment, release, repeat. Garden grows.
As is the seed, so is the fruit. May compassion grow in my heart, may it fill to overflowing and wash away the hurts of the world.
What are the dots that fill your world?
What small acts add up to your life, the expression of your heart?
One small act of kindness at a time, the world cannot help but be a better place.

How will we know Peace?


When looking back , I want to know that I have reached out with love whenever there has been a chance, that I have taken in joy when it it close at hand.

I release old stories.

Looking forward,  I envision a world where love for all beings is our natural expression, my journey guided by the principles of equality, peace, and compassion.

I strive to stay present.

Reminded of a teaching I received recently in yoga class:

Balance is a constant state of negotiation. Continuous, minute adjustments as I breathe into center.


Whispers on the Wind- “The Emissary”

She is here and she is ready for action!  Set one in motion at Goldenstein Gallery Sedona, AZ!

Whispers on the Wind "The Emissary"

Whispers on the Wind
“The Emissary”

Whispers on the Wind, May We Know Peace …

“The Emissary” is the seed of a larger vision.

Designed to be interactive this sculpture turns on people power. Along the length of the ribbon is inscribed, “May We Know Peace.” As this sculpture turns the ribbon spirals upward, the stylized dragonfly takes flight carrying forth our aspirations for Peace. Peace in our hearts, Peace in our world. With this act we turn our minds, lift our sights, open our hearts.  Whispers on the Wind, May We Know Peace …

Inspired by the Tibetan Style prayer wheel, our aspirations represent our collective vision for Peace now and for future generations.

20+ years as a professional sculptor, painter and self styled philosopher Sherab Khandro’s work inspires conversations about Peace & Compassion, the power of loving kindness and a sincere regard for the needs of the whole. With a background in Tibetan Buddhist philosophical thought  and spiritual practice with a particular focus on the sacred arts, Sherab brings a powerful intention to her work as an artist. Her current project, “Whispers on the Wind” is dedicated to World Peace.

“I know there are those that feel that World Peace is just a dream. From where I sit I know it is possible.  This is an invitation to believe together.”

-Sherab Khandro 


My goal for the beginning of this project is to place 1000 sculptures, each one spinning and sparkling, turning our minds to the possibility of Peace. Reminding us each day of the small acts that can result in powerful and positive change in our lives and the lives of those around us. A gift for yourself or another, these lovelies are ready for action! Order now in time for holiday gift giving.

Available directly or please contact the lovely ladies at Goldenstein Gallery to set things in motion!

Whispers on the Wind  “The Emissary”

Interactive sculpture cast in sterling silver and

bronze with Swarovski crystals

6.5″ h x 3.25″


Peace Please

“Peace Please”

Let it begin with me. I believe peace will be realized through the small acts of the individual expanding to community and beyond. It is in my own hands to catalyze change. I am honored to be alive at a time when more and more people are actively cultivating compassion, standing for peaceful resolution and looking through appearances to our common humanity. I believe that peace will happen in the roots of our communities, in the choices I make with the gifts and the blessings I have received.

What are some of the small steps I can take towards a more peaceful, loving world?  What programs are available in my community that empower and support those around me? What moment by moment choices am I making that bring compassion alive?

I believe with all my heart that if I spend my time focused on the things we share in common there would be little time to fuss about our differences.  We all just want to be happy, we want to be free of our pain and our fear, we just want to be loved.

Thank you to those that share this vision, each of us reaching out, lifting those around us. May we know peace … please.




This painting reminds me of the power of stillness and an unwavering commitment to cultivating the immeasurable qualities of loving kindness, compassion and peace.  Available in a limited edition fine art print, each piece signed and numbered.  I am also delighted to inscribe your piece with a dedication to your special wish.

To add this piece to your collection or as a gift for someone in your life, please inquire with me directly or with Goldenstein Gallery.

Namaste 🙂

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